Tree tents - FAQ

Tree Tents are a little different to regular camping tents and so we imagine you have some burning questions. Here are all the most common enquiries.. 

Do Tree Tents come with a guarantee?

Yes. 2 years manufacturers warranty. Also, If, for whatever reason you do not like your Spider tent, you can return it dry, clean and unused within 30 days for a full refund.

How much weight will it hold?

Spider tent will hold 450kg / 950lbs . Pick your trees carefully as the tension loads can bring them down upon you. 

Does the Spider tent come with a waterproof rain cover?

Yes it does! The fly sheet and under sheet come as standard. 


Usage & Setup

How do I climb up in?

Don’t setup your tree tent too high in the first place. It’s dangerous and we don’t condone it. 

Do the trees have to be in a perfect triangle?

No. Spider can find a space inside any acute-angled triangle (all angles are less than 90°). Read the instruction and follow the alignment diagram. You may have to readjust a few times before achieving a perfect setup 

How do I re-tighten my tent floor?

Over time, your tent will stretch out a little and you may have played with the floor straps and have to re-tension. The inner adjustment buckles control how much the centre is tensioned and therefore - raised or lowered. 

What are the minimum and maximum distances a Spoder needs between trees?

5 metres/yard. This is usually enough but if you need more, we have extra straps to help configure the perfect pitch.

A ratchet buckle is damaged / deformed / faulty. What should I do?

Do not use it, and make sure no one else tries to either. Send us an email with a clear picture of the issue and we'll take care of it from there. 

How do I use the Ratchet buckle?

The small inner lever unlocks and locks the ratchet. The ratchet needs to be fully open (180°) to allow you to pull the strap/webbing through it. 

Can I put my tent up really high and how do we do it?

Your tree tent should be set up at a height that you would feel safe falling from. We recommend 1.2m / 4ft as a safe and easy height to use. Pictures you see of high installations have been done by professionals with Rope Access experience.

When sleeping, how much movement is there if someone moves around in the tent?

Less than a hammock, more than a trampoline. So - yes - you can get jiggy

Are tree tents zombie proof. 

It depends. Regular roamers and floater bloaters will walk straight under you. But then again, there is only one way to find out.

Will everyone just roll into the middle of the tent?

No, our mid floor straps create separate sleeping bays so everyone has their own sleeping space.



Do you ship to my location and how long will it take?

We ship worldwide. Shipping usually takes 7 - 14 days 

How much does shipping cost to my country?

Enter tour address at checkout and the system will calculate it. 

Do I have to pay import duties?

We pay the import duty for almost all consumer orders worldwide, so what you pay at the checkout is all you pay. However some local fees may apply


Marketing / Sales 

Where is Spider tents based?

In the South of Scotland, UK. Our factory ships from near Shanghai, China 

Can I become a Spider affiliate/reseller?

Register here and start earning commission today:


1-Follow the link above and register as an affiliate.

2- Copy the link that gets generated for you.

3- Post the link online so customers will click to purchase on our site. Only post in places/groups/sites where people could be likely interested in outdoorsy pursuits. (It’s a waste of time selling cat food to a fish). Preferably - USA/Europe based. Get it? Its IMPORTANT.

4- When they purchase - you earn a commission.

5- Keep posting so you earn more $$$


Can I be a Spider distributor in my country / state?

We're always looking to expand our distribution network so if you think there's reasonable demand in your area, then please contact Kirk at +1 303 747 6212 


I love the tents and want to shoot a video for you. Can I get a free tent?

Not exactly, but if you buy one and shot a video that we like, we may refund part or all of your purchase.